To develop safety in the agricultural and food industry with innovative technology

About Us


Smart Tec Center Co., Ltd. (STC)

TC is one of Smart Vet Group’s subsidiary that drives the business of the group through education and research and development (R&D) in microbiology, chemistry, and other fields related to economic animals and pets. The objective is to create new innovative products that contribute to reducing and replacing the use of antibiotics, including chemicals used in the feed industry, human food and the environment by bringing biotechnology and nanotechnology to be used as the main technology in research and development. The company also has cooperation with government and private organizations, university research unit, and external organizations to meet the problem or customer requirements. Many of STC’s researches have been certified and awarded both locally and internationally in which our offices and labs located in the Thailand Science Park.

Bronzemedaille, Inventions - New Products ปี 2018

Silver medal for innovative invention from International Trade Fair in Nuremburg, Germany, according to the Inflammatory bowel disease in dogs Test Kit instead of importation

Bronzemedaille, Inventions - New Products ปี 2018

An award for artefact innovation from International Trade Fair in Nuremburg, Germany, according to the Canine Distemper Virus Detection Test Kit instead of importation

CAI Award Invention & Innovation, 2018 by China Association of Invention

This award goes for Smart Tec Center Co.,Ltd. in leading nanotechnology for inventing natural substances than antibiotics.

Bronze Prize, GlyciTEC : Preparation process of copper zinc iron and manganese amino acid chelates, Seoul International Invention Fair 2018, Korea

Silver medal from Seoul Exhibition, Korea in 2018 for a research on the production of mineral chelate, both powder and liquid instead of importation.

Salon International Des Inventions, Ionic Copper, Diplome Inventions Geneva

Innovation Award from Geneva, Switzerland according to a research on application of innovative Nano Copper to reduce bacterial contamination in water and feed ingredients, including African Swine Fever (ASF).


To be a leader in research and development by applying biotechnology and nanotechnology to create and develop new innovative products. This also reduces and replaces the use of chemicals and antibiotics used in animal feed for food safety and the environment


  1. Research and develop the company’s main products, including prebiotics, probiotics, nano-series products.
  2. Laboratory / Methods of Chemical and Microbiological Analysis: standardized production and testing procedures.
  3. Laboratory product testing (In vitro)
  4. Cooperate, coordinate, and participate with both domestic and international agencies in the research and development of economic animals’ and pets’ food including cleanliness and safety.